Adam Kravitz for State Representative District 113 – Miami Beach – Downtown Miami – East Little Havana – North Bay Village


You deserve a state representative in Tallahassee who reflects the district's incredible dynamism and diversity...


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I am asking for your support, and your vote. I will need both to promote our shared Democratic agenda...


We need a state representative who
will get things done in Tallahassee

I'm running for State Representative so that our community has a strong progressive voice in Tallahassee who is fighting for the issues that matter to us.

Our District - Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, East Little Havana and North Bay Village - is one of the most important in Florida by any measure. We are the state's engine of media, tourism, trade, banking, and innovation. This district deserves a progressive Representative in Tallahassee who will be a leader.

I'm confident that I can be that Representative. I'm not another politician, but an entrepreneur, executive and lawyer who helped create one brand name on the internet ( that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and another ( that brought together over a million Democrats, Republicans and others to make informed voting choices.

I'm asking for your support and your vote not only because I'm a strong progressive Democrat who reflects the values of our diverse and dynamic district, but also because I have the qualifications and business experience necessary to be listened to and respected in our Republican dominated state government. I will fight to protect voter rights, to ensure adequate funding for public schools, to improve the lives of working class families, to defend a woman’s right to choose, and to ensure equality and human rights for all Floridians. I will also work to increase investment in our industries, such as high-tech, tourism, international trade and media that will create sustainable job growth and property insurance reform that will help protect our home values.

I ask you for your vote on August 14th so that I can be your voice in the State Capitol and fight for the future of this iconic district and our state.